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Our Program


Training Schedule


Years 1 and 2:

  • A total of 4 conferences over 2 years: Two 4-day weekend conferences each year (fall and winter), Thursday evening-Sunday afternoon, held in a conference centre. Meals and lodging are included.
  • Mentoring and job shadowing are optional throughout the year.
  • Note: The term “Years 1 and 2” does not refer to the order in which seminars must be taken; instead, it denotes the number of years a participant has been part of the program

Year 3:

  • Students that complete the two year program (4 seminars) may be selected to lead a self-initiated service or humanitarian project in the 3rd and final year of the program.
  • The participant will develop and conduct a service project that they are passionate about
  • The participant will be mentored and guided by the Saruk Board and other experienced leaders to ensure each project has a high chance of success.
  • If the project is not local, you may apply for partial funding for travel to complement project specific fundraising efforts. 


Seminar Topics Covered in Years 1 & 2:


Social & Emotional Intelligence

  • Paying attention: Active Listening
  • Grit / Readability
  • Learning to Collaborate
  • Developing a Positive Attitude, Empathy, Leadership, Teamwork
  • Interpersonal Skills

Respectful Leadership

  • Building a Resume vs. Writing Your Epitaph
  • Modelling Leadership as a Servant: Empathy
  • Vision and Motivation

Building an Effective Team

  • Building a Team
  • Influencing a Team
  • Holding the Team Accountable

Vision & Goals For Self

  • Setting Vision & Goals for Self
  • Critical Thinking / Flexibility
  • Assessing Strengths and Weaknessess

Daily Habits for Lifelong Leadership

  • Building Strength for Leadership
  • Stress: Daily Habits for a Resilient Life

Balancing Power & Influence

  • Using Power and Influence for Positive Outcomes
  • Recognizing the Abuse of Power

Employment Day: Finding & Keeping a Job

  • Resume and Interview Skills
  • Personal Grooming, Dressing and Presentation
  • Time Management

Conflict Management

  • Resolving & Avoiding Conflicts
  • Identifiying Conflicts Early

Understanding Global & Local Poverty

  • Knowing how to help
  • Why international aide has not solved poverty

Leadership & The Law

  • Understanding everyday legal issues
  • Liability associated with leadership

Inclusiveness & Commitment

  • Treating People Equally and Equitably
  • Understanding Multiculturalism
  • Gender Leadership Styles

Anchor Yourself: Making Good Decisions

  • Principles for Sound Decision-Making: Distinguish Role from Self
  • How to Connect with and Nurture Others
  • Virtues of an Open Heart: Compassion for Self and Others

Life Skills

  • Financial Skills: Budgeting, Credit Cards, Loans, Interest
  • Employment: Resume Tips and Mock Interviews
  • Goal Setting
  • Health, Diet and Exercise
  • Communication: Email, Speaker Introduction, Principles or Speech Making
  • Accountability
  • Understanding Others
  • Problem Solving
  • Reading a Contract, Knowing your rights
  • How to have tough conversations

Who Can Register?

Participation in the Saruk Centre for Leadership Development requires that you must have completed Grade 12, be enrolled in a post-secondary Institution,  and be interested and committed to participating in rigorous extra-curricular learning about leadership, service, and life skills over a 3-year program (attending two-weekend conferences per year) as described above on this website.

  • The program typically  begins in the fall of each year but if capacity becomes available it is possible for wait-listed and new applicants to join starting with the January session. 
  • Cost per year: $5,000/student, including travel scholarships for global service trips and educational field trips. During the Saruk Centre initial development phase costs are covered in full by Centre philanthropists.
  • Applications: Must be filled out by the deadline described in the "Apply" section of this website.
  • Failure to respond to an acceptance notification, RSVP deadline or failure to attend after registration may result in a participant being dropped from the program.


The Saruk Centre Certificate of Completion

Students will also receive a certificate from the Saruk Centre for each seminar completed.  This may be shared with educational institutions and employers to illustrate the depth of a students experience in the Leadership program.

 The $5000 program cost is fully covered by the Saruk Centre for 30 accepted applicants! 

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