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The Saruk Centre
For Leadership Development

The Saruk Centre is a consortium of philanthropists providing young people with co-curricular skills to help them become their communities' leaders. The Centre blends academic programs with personalized attention, professional development, intellectual engagement, and community outreach, resulting in powerful personal growth for all participants during their university years. 

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When you participate in the Saruk Centre’s three-year program in Leadership Development, you’ll learn from a diverse set of leaders and receive individualized training and mentorship, participate in practical experience and local service, and have the opportunity to job shadow and travel for humanitarian work.

Over three years of training, participants will have diverse opportunities to engage in activities that foster lifelong learning. The program encourages personal growth and skill development beyond what is typically obtained in traditional academic institutions.

Outcomes of the program

Participants will:

  • Become confident, action-oriented, and self-aware
  • Learn how to set goals
  • Become skilled in managing their physical, mental, and financial health
  • Become skilled in various forms of effective communication
  • Establish enduring and productive relationships with mentors
  • Become skilled in developing, fostering, and growing a strong network


  • Gain insight and perspective from others
  • Become skilled in interview and job searching 
  • Experience supporting, leading, and managing projects from start to end
  • Be prepared for volunteerism
  • Impact others through service
  • Obtain awareness and sensitivity to other cultures and people

In short, you’ll lay a firm foundation for graduate school, future employment, humanitarian and entrepreneurial opportunities.

 Our Program

The Leadership Development and Scholars Program aim to provide students with the training to become the next generation of leaders and critical thinkers by blending academic programs with professional development, engagement, and community outreach.

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The Centre's regular events involve students, mentors and supporters. Find the latest information on upcoming events.

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Whether you are a student or want to become a mentor, you can get involved with the Saruk Centre.

Our programs provide students with the tools to become the next generation of leaders. We offer these programs with the help of business and humanitarian leaders who participate as mentors.

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“We are at a time when the world is in dire need of new leaders – leaders of moral integrity, sound purpose, and clear vision. The Saruk Centre invests in the next generation of those who are capable of becoming remarkable leaders for their local community, their country, and the world.”

Elvin Saruk

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